Geneva Green

Geneva green

High Qaulity Green Cosmetics

Geneva Green is unique in its circular design approach. Bottles and caps are made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and decorated with labels that easily separate from the bottle during the recycling process. Soap wrapping is made with 100% recyclable paper. Boxes are made with 80% recovered fibers and 20% pure cellulose. After the Geneva Green packing has a carbon neutral footprint. Compensating emission helps to reduce global greenhouse gasses.

The collection includes bottles of cleansers specific for body and hair, various sizes of solid soap, and wall dispensers. Geneva Green are high quality cosmetics, formulated with plant extracts such as Aloe Vera and black tea, selected active ingredients such as shea butter and keratin for everyday wellbeing to rejuvenate and refresh. Cleansers and creams are characterized by fresh and clean fragrances inspired by nature which offer a pleasant daily ritual to guests.

All cosmetics are made in Italy, dermatologically tested, nickel tested <0,0001% and without petrolatum.