GREEN-NORTH offers only sustainable brands of Slippers for Hotels & Spa. All our products are high quality, and can be made in any design, material or color you might request. All our Slippers have anti slip sole, and are made in materials suitable for water areas.

We produce in eco friendly materials, with care for our environtment. We have disposable Slippers and Slippers for the guests to bring home for further use.

We can customize in any way you want.

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Bio comfort slipper

Sustainable promotion with common sence

More and more hotels pay attention to offer slippers for guests, an item that offers a great deal of promotional value for the hotel. Looking attraditional hotel slippers,you will find most of them are made from similar materials in the market, combined with shoe upper and shoe sole. Usually, shoe upper is made of cotton terry cloth. It is the shoe sole, which makes the pricing different. For budget slippers, many manufacturers uses a thin eva shoe sole, as the thiner, the less cost.

EVA is short for ethlene-vinyl acetate, also known as poly ethlene-vinyl acetate. It is one of the materials popularly known as expanded rubber or foam rubber, which is used in equipment for sports. It smells very bad.

Sustainable luxury slippersshoe sole are made ofIXPE - Irradiation Crosslinked Polyethylene Foam, which is the latest PE material in the market, and becoming a popular trend for star hotels and resorts. IXPE foam has the advantages of shock absorption, impact resistance, non-toxic, odorless, non-pollution and high elasticity. It produces less pollution and bring ecofriendly concept for your guests. This new material, IXPE slipper has the best antislip function, and very important: IXPE slipper is odorless, producing no smell in guest rooms, providing comfortable accommodation for your guests. All these advantages make this IXPE slipper the best sustainable choice.