Hopal is a collection of sustainable skin and body care products with a contrast between the pureness of white tubes and metallic colour designs with ecological Nordic Ecolabel cer tified cosmetics and recycled paper packaging. Hopal’s mission is to contribute to a sustainable consumption. By choosing products and ser vices that are Nordic Ecolabel cer tified, consumers can actively contribute to the ultimate goal of achieving a sustainable society.

Hopal is a versatile body care range nordic ecolabelled with proved environmental sustainability formulas, where our attention goes to the dispersion of cleanser into aquatic ecosystems, to the skin tolerance and to the effectiveness, selecting ingredients such as a natural emulsifier, organic emollients such as sunflower oil, Shea butter and anti-oxidant actives from vitamin E and rosemary extract.

All cosmetics are made in Italy, clinically tested, without parabens, mineral oils and syntethic colourants. The collection includes tubes with cleansers for body and hair, a variety of solid massage soaps and wall dispensers. Along with these, there are also refreshing towels for everyday use.

Completing the range, a useful paper box for creating

an amenities kit specific to you.